California: Real Estate Practice – Sample of Final Course Exam

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1- The amount that a seller takes away from a sale is termed:

      A) Net sale price

      B) Seller’s proceeds

      C) Gross sales price

      D) Profit margin

Real Estate Practice – Sample of Final Course Exam

2- Which of the following best describes prospecting?

A.      Seeking buyers for your listings

B.      Seeking listings

C.      Seeking both buyers and sellers

D.     Seeking buyers for others agents’ listings

3- A property manager can refuse to rent to applicant Mike for any of the following reasons except which?

A.      Mike has changed jobs six times in the past six months.

B.      He is married with two children

C.      Mike has been late with his rent payments seven times in the past year

D.     He had a serious physical altercation with his downstairs neighbor

4. Which law extended discrimination to include handicap and familial status?

A.      Jones v. Mayer

B.      Housing and Community Development Act

C.      Civil Rights Act of 1968

D.     Fair Housing Amendment Act

5. Sharon and Steve have just taken a second mortgage on their home. Which is a true statement?

A.      The second mortgage has now become the primary loan.

B.      This mortgage is not negotiable

C.      They’re probably paying a higher interest rate on the second mortgage.

D.     The first and second mortgage will be rolled into one.

6- According to California real estate law, how often must a broker balance his or her trust accounts?

A.      Weekly

B.      Monthly

C.      Quarterly

D.     Annually

7- In the initial meetings with the prospects, the agent should do all of the following except which?

A.      Give the prospects a black copy of a purchase agreement to look over.

B.      Ask the buyers to sign a real estate transfer disclosure statement.

C.      Discuss alternative properties that may be interest.

D.     Have the prospects sign the disclosure about agency relationship

8- When considering making a loan to a borrower, which of the following factors would probably exert the least amount of influence on the lender?

A.      The borrower’s income

B.      The value of the property the borrower wants to purchase

C.      The borrower’s job stability

D.     The neighborhood in which the property is located

9- Which California Fair Housing Law Prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation of source of income?

A.      Civil Rights Act of 1964

B.      Rumford Fair Housing Act

C.      Holden Act

D.     California Civil Rights Act

10- Which of the following prospecting techniques do you have to use carefully because it has tended to upset people in recent years?

A.      Facebook and Twitter advertising

B.      Direct mail

C.      Placing ads

D.     Telephone calls

11- Broker Jill has an agreement with seller Alice that says Jill will receive compensation if anyone except Alice sells Alice’s home, what kind of agreement is this?

A.      Exclusive agency

B.      Net listing

C.      Right-to-sell agreement

D.     Open listing

12- The second installment of property taxes comes due on: 

A.      1-Feb

B.      30-Apr

C.      1-Nov

D.     31-Dec

13- Seller Jim tells his agent Branda that he does not want his home marketed to families with children. Brenda refuses. Which statement is true?

A.      Brenda must follow all of Jim’s instructions.

B.      Brenda has violated the fiduciary duty of obedience to Jim.

C.      Brenda could be liable for a breach of the listing terms.

D.     Brenda has not violated any fiduciary duty.

14- Value includes which of the following aspects?

A.      Desire

B.      Ability to pay

C.      Usefulness

D.     All of the above

15- Karen and Al obtained a 30-year fixed-rate, fully amortized loan when they purchased their home. Which statement is true?

A.      Each of their payments is for the same amount

B.      They will owe a balloon payment at the end of the loan term.

C.      The same amount will go towards the principal every month.

D.     The interest payment is always smaller then the amount allocated to the principal.

16- Dave and Nadine have decided that they want to become property investors.  What is most likely their main motivation for investing?

A.      To plain for retirement

B.      To save on taxes

C.      To make money

D.     To have a second home to enjoy

17- The general law of agency applies to

A.      Brokers dealing with sellers

B.      Salespersons dealing with buyers

C.      Insurance agents dealing with customers

D.     All business transactions

18- In a transaction that involves the purchase of a business, what document functions in the same way as the deed in a personal real estate transaction?

A.      Mortgage

B.      Deed of Trust

C.      Warranty deed

D.     Bill of Sale

19- Which of the following is not an advantage of hosting an open house?

A.      Generates leads for new listings.

B.      Pleases the sellers by inv=creasing activity.

C.      Identifies buyers for other properties.

D.     Allows viewing access to strangers

20- Which of the following would not be an essential component when researching the purchase of an apartment building?

A.      Analyzing neighboring cities.

B.      Studying population trends in the area.

C.      Analyzing the income potential of the property.

D.     Understanding characteristics of the rental market.

21- Which form of advertising is considered the most cost-effective method for selling a home?

A.      Radio

B.      Newspaper

C.      Magazine

D.     Television

22- Jane sold her personal home for $148,000. Two months later she purchased and moved into a new home that cost $145,000. The adjusted cost basis of the first home was $140,000. For purposes of federal income tax, which statement is true?

A.      A basis of $148,000 and no taxable gain

B.      A basis of $145,000 and a taxable gain of $3,000

C.      A basis of $130,000 and a table gain of $18,000

D.     A basis of $140,000 and no taxable gain.

23- Jonestown Community Bank refuses to lend money to potential homeowners trying to purchase property in the predominantly Asian neighborhood on the west end of town. This practice is:

A.      Steering

B.      Blockbusting

C.      Panic-selling

D.     Redlining

24- When talking to his investment clients, Broker Adam often to tax shelters. This term typically refers to

A.      Mortgages

B.      Interest income

C.      Income taxes

D.     Property taxes

25- According to the law governing mortgage loan brokers, what is the maximum commission Broker Claire can charge for securing a $50,000 first mortgage for a period of 2 years?

A.      5%

B.      10%

C.      15%

D.     20%

26- Which is true about listings?

A.      A net listing is illegal in all states.

B.      An open listing is an exclusive contract.

C.      A seller can sell his or own home and owe home and owe no commission if he or she signs an exclusive agency listing.

D.     An exclusive listing must always be at least 30 days long.

27- Mr. and Mrs. Haley are purchasing beachfront property in an upscale development. The home comes equipped with all furnishings. The Haleys want to get a mortgage that will cover the purchase price plus all the furnishings. What kind of mortgage are they looking for?

A.      Package

B.      Blanket

C.      Wraparound

D.     Buydown

28- Abby applies for a federally-related loan to purchase a home. The lender must furnish a copy of the CFPB booklet to Abby no later than the third business day from which date?

A.    The date Abby receives the good faith estimate.

B.     The date escrow is opened.

C.     The date the lender receives her application.

D.    The date Abby makes the request to receive the booklet.

29- Which of the following is not a good direct mail technique?

A.    Use a self-folding mailer.

B.     Hand address the mailer.

C.     Use an attractive first-class stamp.

D.    Offer something valuable to the reader.

30- Being prepared to handle incoming phone calls means all of the following except which?

A.    Knowing your inventory

B.     Understanding the kind of responses your advertising generates

C.     Knowing the community

D.    Being able to anticipate the caller’s requirements

31- Patrick has a written independent contractor agreement with his broker Tami. Last year, about 25% of his income came from sales commissions. The other 75% came from an hourly wage paid by Tami. For income tax purposes, the IRS would probably classify Patrick as:

A.    An independent contractor

B.     A self-employed person

C.     An employee

D.    A real estate assistant

32- Broker Alice has a listing agreement with Jack. If Broker Tom procures a buyer for Jack, Tom will get the commission and Alice will not. What kind of listing agreement does Alice have with Jack?

A.    Exclusive agency

B.     Net

C.     Exclusive-authorization-and-right-to-sell

D.    Open

33- Which statement is true about a loan that has a negative amortization?
A.    At the end of the term, the loan balance will be negative.
B.     The borrower makes payments of interest only over the term of the loan.
C.     Payments will not be enough to retire the loan.
D.    All adjustable rate mortgages have negative amortization.
34- Sarah is an employee and Ken is an independent contractor at Kerns Realty. Which of the following statements is true?

A.    Ken is responsible for his own taxes, while the broker pays Sarah’s.

B.     Ken must obtain his own training. The broker will not provide any.

C.     Neither Sarah nor Ken can get employer-provided health insurance.

D.    Ken and Sarah both must be at the office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

35- Who benefits from Private Mortgage Insurance?

A.    The borrower’s family in case of his or her death

B.     The lender in case of the borrower’s death

C.     The lender against delinquent payments

D.    The lender in case of the borrower’s default

36- Broker Eric secures a loan for buyer Paul. The fees that Eric charges Paul for making the loan could be any but which of the following amounts?

A.    $390

B.     5% of the principal

C.     Actual costs under $700

D.    Any of the above

37- When dealing with the sale of a business, which is not a true statement?

A.    A Bill of Sale gives title to the business equipment.

B.     Goodwill is an intangible asset that results from the reputation of the business.

C.     Tangible assets transferred in the sale include inventory, fixtures and equipment.

D.    The UCC is a body of law that standardizes a number of business practices.

38- When using the straight-line method of depreciation, each year of economic age is given a rate that

A.    Varies each year according to a table provided by the IRS

B.     Is equal for each year over the life of the property

C.     Is high during the first five years of the ownership period, then reduces gradually over the life of the property

D.    Varies according to the expired life of the improvements made to the property

39- When doing a competitive market analysis, an agent looks at all but which of the following factors?

A.    Prices of properties currently on the market

B.     Prices of sold properties

C.     Properties that were listed but did not sell

D.    Recently renovated properties

40- Which of the following phrases should Salesperson Brenda avoid when writing an advertisement for one of her listings?

A.    Kosher meals available

B.     Christian home

C.     Fourth-floor walk-up

D.    Walk to bus stop

41- Agricultural land includes all of the following EXCEPT which?

A.    Orchards

B.     Pastureland

C.     Parks

D.    Farms

42- Alice is planning her career and setting her goals. Which of the following would be considered an intermediate goal?

A.    I will complete the GRI certification in the next four years.

B.     I will do two practice listing presentations per week with an experienced agent for the next two months.

C.     I will open my own office within nine years.

D.    I will distribute 200 business cards every month for the next six months.

43- The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) requires lenders to:

A.    Give credit to all potential borrowers.

B.     Give a discount to families with children.

C.     Consider child support payments in the decision.

D.    Specialize by geographic area.

44- Jim owns a gift shop in a commercial building. He pays rent for occupancy, plus maintenance and operating expenses. What kind of lease does Jim have?

A.    Net lease

B.     Percentage lease

C.     Gross lease

D.    Graduated lease

45- Kirk wants to get an FHA loan. Which of the following is Kirk himself not likely to do during the application process?

A.    Find a home that meets FHA requirements.

B.     Agree to pay mortgage insurance.

C.     Find a lender who is willing to do FHA loans.

D.    All of the above.

46- A life insurance company would most likely invest in all but which of the following properties?

A.    Shopping mall

B.     Apartment complex

C.     Industrial complex

D.    Local beauty salon

47- Which of the following duties is not a permitted activity for an unlicensed personal assistant?

A.    Negotiate agreements regarding commission structuring.

B.     Secure documents that are public information from the courthouse and other sources available to the public.

C.     Have keys made for company listings.

D.    Write advertisements and promotional materials with the approval of the licensee and supervising broker.

48- The public report that a developer must provide when offering subdivided lands for sale is provided by which agency?

A.    Department of Housing and Urban Development

B.     Department of Real Estate

C.     Recorder’s Office in the county where the land is located

D.    The county planning commission

49- Agent Dan tells his buyers that the seller will leave the washer and dryer if the buyers make an offer now. What kind of closing technique is Jim using?

A.    Standing-room only

B.     Alternative

C.     Ownership

D.    Bonus

50- Harry has some buyers that he believes are ready to make an offer. He says to them, “Would you prefer to take possession on September 1 or October 1?” What kind of closing technique is Harry using?

A.    Assumptive

B.     Alternative

C.     Ownership

D.    Standing-room-only

51- Which statement is true about a homeowner’s exemption?

A.    It must be filed every year.

B.     Certain homeowners may qualify for a $10,000 exemption.

C.     Once filed, it remains until terminated.

D.    None of the above.

52- Which statement is true about a listing contract?

A.    It must be in writing to be enforceable.

B.     It can be considered an employment contract.

C.     It creates an agency relationship.

D.    All of the above.

53- Greg sold an apartment building he owned for 20 years. He paid $100,000 for it, and made $300,000 worth of improvements. His depreciation was $2,500 per year. He sold the building for $1,000,000 and paid $60,000 in commission to the broker. What is Greg’s capital gain on the apartment?

A.    $450,000

B.     $540,000

C.     $590,000

D.    $600,000

54- Jim and Jane are buying a home for $120,000. They have $20,000 for a down payment and assumed the seller’s mortgage of $75,000. Jim and Jane financed the remaining $25,000 through the seller. What kind of a mortgage do they have?

A.    Buydown loan

B.     Balloon note

C.     Purchase-money mortgage

D.    Wraparound / wrap around loan

55- Greg is approved for a Cal-Vet loan. Who will pay the points?

A.    The seller

B.     The state

C.     Greg

D.    No one – there are no points.

56- Which is not a true statement about the Agency Disclosure?

A.    The listing agent must provide the disclosure to the seller prior to securing the listing agreement.

B.     The selling agent must provide the disclosure to the seller “as soon as practicable” prior to presenting a purchase offer.

C.     If the selling agent does not deal directly with the seller, the selling agent is not required to provide the disclosure.

D.    The selling agent must provide the disclosure to the buyer “as soon as practicable” prior to the execution of the buyer’s offer to purchase.

57- Under federal income tax law, the “basis” for a personal residence is which of the following:
A.    The purchase price, plus depreciation
B.     The purchase price, plus improvements
C.     The fair market value at the time of sale
D.    The appraised value prior to sale
58- Mortgage lenders are prohibited from discriminating in giving credit to prospective borrowers based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age or dependency on public assistance under which law or regulation?

A.    Equal Credit Opportunity Act

B.     Truth in Lending

C.     Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act

D.    Community Reinvestment Act

59- Which of the following is a seller’s request that an agent cannot honor?

A.    Please remove your shoes before entering the home.

B.     Do not show to Mexicans.

C.     Always call before showing.

D.    Do not show the home between 10 a.m. and noon on Sundays.

60- Seller Tom has an agreement with Broker Bill, Broker Jim and Broker Joe. Whoever brings the buyer will get the commission. What kind of agreement is this?

A.    Exclusive agency

B.     Net listing

C.     Open listing

D.    Exclusive-authorization-and-right-to-sell agreement

61- Bill and Sue secured a mortgage loan that is tied to an index which fluctuates over the life of the loan. What kind of loan do they have?

A.    Amortized

B.     ARM

C.     Balloon

D.    Growing equity

62- When agent Hal shows a home he should never:

A.    Ask questions of the prospects’ children.

B.     Start in the room with the best features.

C.     Allow indoor pets to leave their designated area.

D.    Avoid negative comments while he’s inside the home.

63- Jenny’s home appraised for $550,000. Her asking price was $560,000 and the property sold for $575,000. What will the new owners pay in property taxes?

A.    $5,500 the first year, plus a maximum 2% increase in market value per year

B.     $5,600 every year, with no increase

C.     $5,750 the first year, plus a maximum 2% increase in market value per year

D.    $5,750, plus a maximum 1% increase in market value per year

64- Which of the following is not a form of personal advertising?

A.    Car signs

B.     Business cards

C.     Multiple Listing service

D.    Name tags

65- Which of the following items is usually not prorated at closing?

A.    Real estate taxes

B.     Title insurance

C.     Mortgage interest

D.    Homeowner’s insurance

66- When doing a listing presentation which of the following items would you not describe to the owners as being a benefit of listing with an agent?

A.    Availability of multiple listing service

B.     Amount of commission charges

C.     Broker-paid advertising and promotion

D.    Assistance with filling out disclosures

67- Hannah is a real estate assistant. Her broker has asked her to be available for tasks in the field rather than in the office. What would we call Hannah?

A.    On-call assistant

B.     Field staff

C.     Part-time worker

D.    Commission-only assistant

68- Greg and Joyce have an adjustable rate mortgage on their home. What is the key feature of this type of loan?

A.    The principal never amortizes.

B.     The term of the loan can be shortened.

C.     The interest rate can vary.

D.    The monthly payments increase overtime.

69- According to ECOA, lenders cannot discriminate against potential borrowers on the basis of all but which of the following?

A.    Marital status

B.     Age

C.     Income

D.    Religion

70- Which of these items would be a credit to the buyer on the settlement statement?

A.    sales price

B.     loan origination fee

C.     loan amount

D.    recording fee

71- When agent Jane meets with her sellers to offer suggestions, she most likely would not give them:

A.    Cleaning tips

B.     Advice to be home during showings

C.     Landscaping instructions

D.    Suggestions for improvements

72- According to RESPA, a buyer or seller cannot legally be charged at closing for which of the following items?

A.    Loan origination fee

B.     Referral fee to a homeowner’s insurance agent.

C.     Title insurance

D.    Attorney fees

73- Which of these is not a buying signal?

A.    Buyer Jim asks if he can visit the property for a second time.

B.     Buyer Amanda asks if she can measure the windows to see if her current drapes will fit.

C.     Jim and Amanda whisper and frown when they see the basement.

D.    Amanda smiles at Jim when she sees the whirlpool tub.

74- Which statement is not true about an agency relationship?

A.    It is based on authorization.

B.     It is determined by who pays the compensation.

C.     It is based on mutual consent.

D.    It can exist without compensation.

75- All but which of the following is NOT an AIDA feature?

A.    Action

B.     Desire

C.     Aspiration

D.    Interest

76- Mark believes he has been discriminated against during his home search. How long does he have to file a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development?

A.    6 months

B.     12 months

C.     18 months

D.    24 months

77- Which of the following Internet pages might not be of particular interest to buyers?

A.    Mortgage loan calculator

B.     Information on current loan programs

C.     Definition of financing terms

D.    Curb appeal information

78- Nancy bought her home last year for $425,000. Her property taxes would be assessed at:

A.    $425

B.     $1,500

C.     $2,250

D.    $4,250

79- Tom and Mary want to purchase their first home. Which of the following would be the least likely place for them to obtain a loan?

A.    Insurance company

B.     Credit union

C.     Mortgage company

D.    Savings and loan association

80- Which of the following is an example of commingling?

A.    Broker John puts $500 into his trust account.

B.     Broker Alice holds an uncashed check until the offer is accepted.

C.     Broker Harry deposits $1000 into his brokerage business account.

D.    Broker Gina puts $150 into her trust account.

81- Jake has decided to specialize in working with clients who purchase schools. What property type will he be dealing with?

A.    Commercial

B.     Industrial

C.     Recreational

D.    Special-purpose

82- What is the minimum period of time over which the owner of an apartment building can depreciate the improvements?

A.    18 years

B.     27.5 years

C.     30 years

D.    32 years

83- Matt is computing the adjusted cost basis of his apartment building for income tax purposes. Which of the following items can Matt not add to the original cost when doing the computation?

A.    Cost of a new parking lot

B.     Installation of central air conditioning

C.     Mortgage payments on the property

D.    Addition of a tenant laundry facility

84- Four years ago, Sam purchased a vacant lot for $10,000. He just sold it for $13,000. During the time Sam owned the property he paid $350 per year in taxes, $150 per year on maintenance like grass cutting and $90 per year on miscellaneous expenses. How much did Sam gain or lose on the sale?

A.    Gained $640

B.     Gained $2360

C.     Lost $640

D.    Lost $2360

85- Which paragraph of the purchase agreement states that the balance of the purchase price will be deposited into escrow prior to closing?

A.    Finance Terms

B.     Offer

C.     Closing and Occupancy

D.    Allocation of Costs

86- Which of the following is not considered a benefit of investing in real estate?

A.    Having a monthly income.

B.     Reducing taxes.

C.     Realizing a quick profit.

D.    Hedging against inflation.

87- What information can you gather from the newspaper to help develop a Prospecting Plan?

A.    Death Notices and Building Permits

B.     Deeds and Property Inspections

C.     Land Titles and Home Warranties

D.    Service Ads and Display Ads

88- Sally and Dan must pay 2 points on their new $65,000 loan. What will they have to pay at closing for the points?

A.    $650

B.     $1,300

C.     $1,950

D.    $2,600

89- Who selects the escrow company?

A.    The buyer and seller

B.     The broker

C.     The seller’s agent

D.    The seller alone

90- Marsha has been keeping track of the effectiveness of her advertising campaigns. She is probably using all but which of the following tools?

A.    Code in a print ad

B.     Telephone log

C.     Designated telephone number

D.    Advertising budget

91- This paragraph of the purchase agreements informs the seller of the buyer’s right to inspect the property and can cancel or request maintenance based on findings.

A.    Repairs

B.     Buyer Indemnity

C.     Dispute Resolution

D.    Conditions Affecting Property

92- Which of the following situations is not exempt from the seller disclosure requirement?

A.    Greg Burns is selling his interest in his home to his wife Melanie as part of their divorce settlement.

B.     Jim Sharp is purchasing his father’s home.

C.     The court has ordered the transfer of Sally Green’s home to her friend Penny Jacobs as part of the settlement of Sally’s estate.

D.    All of the above

93- Jim has created a nice property flier for the James’ home. Jim should not use this flier as a:

A.    Handout at open houses

B.     Substitute for advertising

C.     Handout for other agents

D.    Mailer for telephone inquiries

94- Seller’s agent Pam was unaware of the fact that the heating system of a home she had listed was defective. She sold the property and several months later the buyer sued Pam for not disclosing the problem. Which statement is true ?

A.    The buyer was responsible for making the discovery, so Pam is therefore liable.

B.     Pam is not liable since it was summer and the heating problem was not obvious.

C.     The seller did not disclose the problem on a seller’s disclosure form so Pam  is off the hook.

D.    Pam is has no duty to investigate and may rely on the opinion of a heating professional or home inspector.

95- Who is liable for the withholding on the sale of a property owned by a foreigner?

A.    Buyer

B.     Seller

C.     Broker

D.    Escrow Officer

96- Which statement is not true about a listing contract?

A.    It must be in writing to be enforceable.

B.     It can be considered an employment contract.

C.     It is a unilateral contract.

D.    It creates an agency relationship.

97- Buyer Randy makes an offer to purchase one of Broker Tom’s listings on June 15. Randy gives Tom an earnest money check for $1,000 and asks Tom to hold it until June 30, regardless of the date the seller accepts the offer. What should Tom do?

A.    Deposit the check into his trust fund account on the next business day.

B.     Present the offer and tell the seller that the check needs to be held until June 30.

C.     Refuse to accept the offer and check.

D.    Give the check to the seller.

98- Grant moves into his new office space while he awaits the completion of the negotiations of the lease terms. During this interim period, grant makes monthly rent payments and the owner accepts them. How would Grant’s lease at this time be classified?

A.    Estate for years

B.     Estate from period to period

C.     Estate at will

D.    Estate at sufferance

99- All exclusive listing agreements must have

A.    Compensation defined

B.     Definite termination date

C.     A list of personal property included in the sale

D.    Escrow company named

100- What does the Real Estate Disclosure Law refer to?

A.    Disclosure of agency relationships

B.     Disclosure of financing terms

C.     Disclosure of property condition

D.    Disclosure of natural hazards

101- Which type of loan typically carries the most loan points?

A.    FHA

B.     VA

C.     Cal-Vet

D.    Conventional

102- What is the minimum period of time over which the owner of a commercial building can depreciate the improvements?

A.    20 years

B.     27.5 years

C.     30 years

D.    39 years

103- Kirk and Sandy obtained a wraparound mortgage. Which of these statements is true about the wraparound mortgage?

A.    Their first mortgage will get paid off immediately.

B.     The original loan becomes subordinate to the wraparound.

C.     They can make payments directly to the original lender.

D.    Their lender can profit from the difference in interest rates.

104- Lorna and Hal have obtained a growing equity mortgage for their new home. What does that mean?

A.    The loan will be distributed to them gradually.

B.     The interest rate will increase gradually over time.

C.     The loan term will extend gradually over time.

D.    Their loan payments will gradually increase.

105- Agent Alice has received an offer that she believes is not in the sellers’ best interest. What should Alice do?

A.    Make no recommendations and let the sellers decide on their own.

B.     Tell the sellers exactly how she feels and why she thinks the offer is not a good one.

C.     Recommend a counteroffer back to list price.

D.    Work toward acceptance.

106- If broker Tim advertises a property for sale that he doesn’t intend to sell so that he can attract potential buyers, Tim is practicing:

A.    Display advertising

B.     Ethical advertising

C.     Product advertising

D.    Bait-and-switch advertising

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