California “R.E. Practice” questions Ch7-Ch9

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California: Real Estate Practice – Ch7 – Quiz with no answers

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1 of 10 Which of the following actions by an agent would most probably upset the sellers?

A.  Conducting an agent open house.

B.  Sending a weekly activity report.

C.  Sharing all visitor comments two weeks before the listing ends.

D.  Placing a classified ad in the weekend paper.

Real Estate Practice

2 of 10 All of these statements are true except which one?

A.  Virtual tours are a very expensive marketing tool to use.

B.  An agent should print off a copy of the listing on the company’s Internet site to send to the sellers.

C.  Participation in the MLS increases a licensee’s inventory.

D.  Property evaluations from other agents have valuable information for sellers.

3 of 10 All of these items are important to include on your weekly activity report except which?

A.  Number of calls that week

B.  Agent comments about the property

C.  Classified ads placed on the property

D.  Number of hits on the company website

4 of 10 If someone shows up at the sellers’ door unexpectedly to see the home, the sellers should:

A.  Tell them to call your office.

B.  Invite them in and show them around.

C.  Take their names and call your office.

D.  Ask them to leave.

5 of 10 You should try to attach a rider strip to your For Sale sign that has:

A.  Your home telephone number.

B.  Your GRI designation.

C.  Your cell phone number.

D.  Your fax number.

6 of 10 If there is no interest in the property on a given week, the agent should:

A.  Skip the activity report for that week.

B.  Share that information with the sellers.

C.  Tell the sellers you expect an offer to be coming soon.

D.  Tell the sellers it’s time to reevaluate the price.

7 of 10 Which of these forms is not filled out by the seller?

A.  Smoke Detector Compliance

B.  Modification of Terms

C.  Transfer Disclosure Statement

D.  Water Heater Compliance

8 of 10 Which of these marketing tools is not considered a traditional tool?

A.  Flier

B.  Classified ad

C.  Photos

D.  Video tour

9 of 10 Which of these is not a helpful homeowner tip?

A.  Display lots of family photos to impress potential buyers.

B.  De-clutter your garage and basement.

C.  Bake muffins or cinnamon rolls to create a “homey” feel.

D.  Make sure all light bulbs and lamps are working and are bright.

10 of 10 All of these activities are appropriate to do within the first few days of obtaining a listing except which?

A.  Give the sellers a copy of some homeowner’s tips.

B.  Discuss modifying the listing price.

C.  Explain your marketing plan to the sellers.

D.  Have the broker send a “thank you for listing” letter to the sellers.

Ch7 Bonus questions

1.  What is the primary criticism that sellers have about their agents?

2.  When you meet with your sellers after you obtain the listing, what is one of the first things you should share with them to get them involved in the process?

3.  What kinds of things should you include in a weekly activity report? 

4.  How can you prepare your sellers for receiving offers? 

5.  Name four traditional marketing tools that you should use with every listing you get. 

6.  What are some important tips for home tours? 

7.  In addition to agent and MLS home tours, what are some other ancillary tools you can use? 

8.  What should you keep in mind when developing your marketing plans?

California: Real Estate Practice – Ch8 – Quiz with no answers

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1 of 10 Which of these statements is not true?

A.    Radio advertising is not as effective as other methods because listeners can be distracted by their activities and not hear the ads.

B.     Newsletters can be a very effective advertising forum for niche marketers.

C.     Advertising in the telephone directory is cost effective because the directories can reach every home in the marketing area.

D.    Magazine ads are significantly more expensive than newspaper ads.

2 of 10 Which of these is not an AIDA characteristic?

A.    Interest

B.     Attention

C.     Desire

D.    Activity

3 of 10 What kind of ad usually combines both institutional and product advertising?

A.    Classified

B.     Display

C.     Press release

D.    Television

4 of 10 An unlicensed person engages in advertising that conveys the clear impression that he is a licensed real estate broker or is an officer or employee of a corporation who knowingly advertises a false statement concerning any land or subdivision. In this scenario, which of the following is not true?

A.    The advertiser is subject to a fine.

B.     The advertiser can be sentenced to up to a year in prison.

C.     The person is breaking the law.

D.    The advertiser must prove he was grandfathered in as a licensee.

5 of 10 All of these would be effective at capturing a reader’s attention except which?

A.    Use as little white space as possible.

B.     Use a question as a headline.

C.     Use available color.

D.    Make the headline bold and all caps.

6 of 10 Which of these is not a tool to help evaluate advertising effectiveness?

A.    Telephone log

B.     Code in a print ad

C.     Advertising budget

D.    Designated telephone number

7 of 10 Which kind of advertising aims at increasing sales by informing the public of a company’s capabilities?

A.    Operational

B.     Institutional

C.     Product

D.    Classified

8 of 10 Which of these is a free form of advertising?

A.    Shopping guides

B.     Telephone directory

C.     Press release

D.    Blind ad

9 of 10 Which of these words or phrases might be considered discriminatory when used in advertising?

A.    No smoking

B.     Couples only

C.     Handicap accessible

D.    Kids welcome

10 of 10 The cost of doing direct mail advertising depends on all of these things except which?

A.    How you target your audience

B.     The frequency of the mailings

C.     The number of pieces you send

D.    The date of the mailing

Bonus ch8 questions

1.      Name and define the two forms of advertising.

2.      Explain the method used to write good advertising.

3.      What is important to remember about capturing the reader’s attention? 

4.      What do many firms do to avoid confusion with their advertising plan? 

California: Real Estate Practice – Ch9 – Quiz with no answers

Answers will be revealed with proper subscription

1 of 10 All of these questions could help you determine a prospect’s capacity to make a purchase except which one?

A.    How much do you have in your savings account?

B.     Have you been pre-qualified or pre-approved by a lender yet?

C.     Do you need the equity from your current home for the new home purchase?

D.    Where do you and your spouse work?

2 of 10 Which of these is not a good technique to get the name of a caller who is reluctant to give you that information?

A.    Offer to mail the caller a set of fliers on interesting properties.

B.     Ask the caller if he or she would like to receive e-mails on newly listed properties.

C.     Offer to show the caller a newly-listed, not-yet-advertised property, even if one doesn’t exist.

D.    Offer to call the prospect when new listings that meet his or her criteria come on the market.

3 of 10 Sara just bought her first new home. She put 20% down and got a mortgage for the remainder. The difference between what Sara owes and what her home is worth is known as what?

A.    Principal

B.     Capital gain

C.     Replacement cost

D.    Equity

4 of 10 Which of the following would be the least desirable phone handling technique?

A.    Answer a question with a question when possible.

B.     Give as much detailed information about the property as you can.

C.     Ask the caller “when” not “if” he or she wants to see the property.

D.    Arrange to meet the prospect at your office.

5 of 10 Which of these statements is not true about qualifying buyers?

A.    You’ll know how much house they can afford.

B.     Lenders are in the best position to qualify buyers.

C.     Sellers are apt to choose qualified buyers over ones who have not been qualified.

D.    Collecting information and pre-qualifying buyers yourself is the easiest and best approach.

6 of 10 A buyer calls your office to inquire about a property he saw advertised. He sounds really excited about this property. Where is it that he likely found out the property was for sale?

A.    On the Internet

B.     In a classified ad

C.     From the For Sale sign

D.    From a direct mail flier

7 of 10 Most buyers who see a newspaper ad that interests them:

A.    Drive by the property.

B.     Call your office.

C.     Check out your Internet site.

D.    Visit your office.

8 of 10 Which of the following is not an advantage of home ownership?

A.    Increase in property value

B.     Increase in equity

C.     Repairs and maintenance

D.    Tax deductions

9 of 10 A reference list of alternative comparable properties is sometimes referred to as the:

A.    Cheat sheet.

B.     Telephone answering register.

C.     Switch sheet.

D.    Alternative list.

10 of 10 Prospects Jim and Linda arrive with agent Bill at the first showing. When Bill pulls in front of the home, Linda decides immediately that she doesn’t want to see the inside. What should Bill do?

A.    Tell Linda that the sellers will be very disappointed if they cancel the appointment.

B.     Launch into your list of the home’s special features and hope she changes her mind.

C.     Emphasize that this home is a great buy and it would be a shame for them to dismiss it without looking first.

D.    Call the sellers immediately and let them know you won’t be coming by.

Bonus ch9 questions –

1- What is the most important factor for a prospective homebuyer to consider in the decision to purchase?
2- What is floor time and why is it important?
3- When handling a telephone inquiry, why should you limit the amount of information you give out about the property? 
4- Agent Greg receives a call about one of his firm’s ads. He succeeds in setting up an appointment to meet with the caller. What approach can Greg use to discourage the person from calling other agents? 

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